(Song version)

             THIS IS A TRUE STORY

         (Dedicated to Billy Reeves)

It's amazing,

Time doesn't seem long.

But we've been best friends

for twelve years strong.

It's amazing,

Seems like yesterday

That I met you

On the playground that day.

It's amazing,

We were five.

And for twelve years,

Kept our friendship alive.

It's amazing,

That you and I,

We'd be best friends

'Til the day we'd die.


Can't you see/ that you and me

this is not the way friends should be

I chose the truth/ And you chose to lie

This is why our friendship died.


It's amazing,

You were my brother.

Told you secrets,

I'd tell no other

It's amazing,

That until that night,

We went twelve years

without one fight

It's amazing,

I'd never see why,

That I'd think of you

And breakdown and cry.

It's amazing,

We'd talk everyday

But you won't even

Look my way


It's amazing,

For almost a year,

I lied for you

With nothing to fear.

It's amazing,

What she'd hear about you

And she wanted to know

If the rumors were true.

It's amazing,

how she would say

"Is he cheating?"

and I lie "No way"

And it's amazing,

How much I lied

Then the truth came out

And I friendship died.


It's amazing,

Time doesn't seem long.

But we were best friends

For twelve years strong.

And it's amazing,

How in one day

That twelve years

Could just go away.

(Chorus to fade)

             - September 24/ 2001

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was THE hardest day of my life...

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Jebi Robins's picture

hey thanx for ur comments. i really like your stuff too. ur an awesome writer

Keli M's picture

You never did tell me more about this...Keli

Sasha Carter's picture

Always hard to say goodbye to our oldest friends but they tell me it gets easier (I still haven't seen it happened yet). Just messin yes I have. Anway great poem. You got a real gift here and a skill with rhyme. Keep up the awesome work.