A Dream to Tell

(Dedicated to Olyvia Clason)

-This is a true story-

If you are reading this

it means we have parted.

I knew things would end this way

before we even started

You told me as clear as day

as to what I'm supposed to do.

I tried my best to follow your words,

but I failed, and now I've lost you.

At first I tried so hard

then I got carried away,

and because of my mistake

it's brouhgt us to this day.

You see, I had a dream last night

and it was different I could feel.

It revealed the future to me

and it felt so damn real.

I couldn't tell if it was a dream

showing an unescapable fate,

or a warning to change things

before it got to be too late.

As I'm writing this now,

I'm still single and we're just talking.

Now I must choose to persue,

or turn away and start walking.

Right now, I'm confused

and I don't know how I feel.

I'm just trying to figrue out

if this dream is for real.

But it doesn't matter

because you're reading this now,

which means the dream became reality

and I have no idea how.

You see, if you're reading this

then my attempts will be in vein.

It means I will have failed

when I tried to escape the pain.

And if you're reading this,

then I want you to know and care

that I chose the wrong path.

I was just blind and unaware.

I didn't want this to happen,

but I forgot what you said.

Now countless thoughts of regret

fill up inside my head.

I knew what was to happen

and I chose the wrong move I fear.

I tried to run from the wrong,

but that's what led me to here.

I'm gonna mess things up,

and it's gonna happen soon and fast.

so I'm taking this time now

to say I'm sorry, from the past.

Now I've experienced everything

that my dream did show,

but where we go from here,

I do not know....

- October 26/ 2001

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Sexy Slut's picture

Wonderful how you formatted this to be like a story and a poem-great job man