A Voice I Hear

(Dedicated to Laura Ebersburger)

Just the sound of her voice

Make me smile and rejoice

A special way she makes me feel

To dream of her I think I will

For her, I will kill

For her, I will kneel

Is the too good to be real?

Perhaps this is the case

For I yet to see her face

But this is trivial and I couldn't care less

For she is the only one who makes me feel blessed

She won't leave my mind tonight

So unto her, this poem I write

To say I'll judge her looks, then I have lied

For I only judge on the inside

To me she is a princess

A hundred percent and none less

She touches my heart with gentle caress

Yes, I like her, I confess

And it's all because of her voice

And the way it makes me smile and rejoice

                         - January 22/ 2001

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Old, old poem that I wrote for someone. It's all a bunch of crap, and yes, she knows it.

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keith(tony's fat brother)'s picture

in the 7th line there is a typo. it should be "is this to good to be real" other than that it is a pretty good poem. You must know that not every peom has to rhyme. i think that if You did not worry so much about rhyming your poems would be extroardinary.