A Question to Ask

(This was given to a girl on Valentine's

Day '01 with a box of chocolates)

I want to ask you something,

but not matter what

I just can't say it.

My mouth is sealed shut.

I try and I try

with all my might,

but the words won't come

now matter how I fight

I practice asking you

when I'm alone, day after day.

I'm trying to put the words

in the most perfect way

I take a deep breath,

and collect air in my lung,

but when I go to speak,

It's like a cat's got my tongue.

I want to ask you something,

but I don't know how.

I have no more time for practice

because the day to ask is now.

I want to ask you something,

and I think I'm ready this time.

So with all my courage, I ask,

"Will you be my Valentine?"

                         -February 13/ 2001

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Rebecca's picture

Why does every other girl get the kind of guy that I want (like the one in the poem if you don't know).