(Untitled II)

All is silent as I walk through the door

Everyone that's here, I've seen before

I look around and see my father and mother

my two little sisters and my little brother

All of my relatives are here

Even those living far and near

My best friends are here, I can see

and there's about ninety others here for me

"I don't care about you", some would say

but as I can see, they're here anyway

the room is decorated with flowers

all fo me, the man of the hour,

but something is wrong, I could feel

Something in this room isn't real

I felt a haunting sense of gloom

as I walked around the room

Tears were coming from everyone's face

as one of my friends sung "Amazing Grace"

Everyone is heartbroken and I ask "Why?"

but instead of answering, thy continue to cry

I can't the depressing atmosphere anymore

and I quickly head towards the door

I was about to leave until I heard her say

"If only he was here today

there's so much I would want to say."

I turned to see my girlfriend standing in front of the place

reading a poem she wrote with tears across her face

Even though I felt an indecribable doom

I decided to stay inside the room

"I would tell him he's a wonderful man

and I hope that he understands

that even though he's gone from here

he should have nothing to fear

because we will never be apart

for you will live on forever in my heart"

She broke into tears and could no longer talk

and from the way her body was shaking

she could hardly walk

The site of her made me want to hold her

and tell her she can cry on my shoulder

I screamed, "I'm right here baby! Can't you see?!"

but she paid no attention and just ignored me

Then she picked up a white rose from a basket

and slowly placed it inside a large casket

All of a sudden nothing made sense

and the terror I began to feel was immense

Somebody was about to be buried six feet under

but 'Who?' I began to wonder

I walked towards the casket

in what seemed like slow motion

and as I walked closer and closer

I felt the loss of my feelings and emotion

I approached the casket at a slow pace

and my heart sunk when I looked in and saw the face

Only onte thought filled my head

This is my funeral,

...and I am dead.

                              - February 18 / 2001

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