A Reflection of Nothing

Her pillow grows heavy with tears
with her face buried deep within
There is no other release for this pain
Her cries echo over and over again
Everything she has now become
is nothing she once had been
She was so young
so innoncent, so free
Now a broken and empty shell
of the beautiful girl she used to be
She was so much more
than what she is today
He started by saying "Hello"
and she threw it all away
She gave to him her smile
in return for these tears
Strength she once possessed
fell and crumbled into fears
Her love traded for his voice
Her actions left for him to take
Her decisions are now for him to make
Her fate surrendered to his choice
She traded himto him he heart for a kiss
Her dreams swapped for his touch
Friends forgotten for his laugh
her soul abandoned for a taste of bliss
She presented him with he pride
in return for dispair
He received her freedom
but lost the will to care
He bought her body with the use of lies
Raped her life of all it was worth
Drained her of everything she was
and all that's left is echoing cries
He destroyed her from the inside
She is now no one with nothing
broken, used, and forgotten
standing close to the edge of suicide
All that has happened, happened so fast
"Hello" is all he had to say to her
for her to say "good-bye" to herself
There is no erasing events of the past
but if I knew then, what I now know
the night I approached you
I would have never said, "Hello"

              - February 14/ 2004

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Tiffany's picture

I am glad that I read this..Thanks...

Rebecca's picture

It's almost as if you wrote that poem w/ me in mind...except it wasn't with you. And it's sad that a lot of girls can relate to this poem, too. And for people that have been through that, they know better now (except Heather, of course). And for people that haven't, maybe once they've read this poem they'll be more cautious.