Should I?

Should I prove to you

that you are wrong?

Prove you can't treat me

this way for long

Should I find a way

to end this all now?

Show you I can win

and show you how

Should I let you in

and show you the real me?

Should I show the things

you cannot see

Show you my couarge,

my strength, and my heart

Show you that no matter how you try

you can't tear me apart

Show you that your games

are all in vein

Show that you can play,

but have nothing to gain

Should I play with your heart

and play with all of it'

to show you what it's like

to be treated like shit?

Should I give justice

to myself today?

Should I make you see

and make you pay?

Or should I  remain in this room

to hide and to stay

asking myself questions

that won't go away?

       - October 7/ 2001

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Very deep with emotion, dont ever change that sense of style!