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(This day refers to February 14, 1996)


On this day, five years pass

there sat a boy in your science class

He praised you with sweetness and adore

and he had never been in love before

       On this day, five years pass

       you broke his heart forever last

       In infinate pieces, his heart was tore

       and to remain that way forever more

On this day, five years ago

he asked you out and you said, "No"

to you, he gave his entire heart

and by you, was ripped apart

       On this day, five years ago

       his happiness sunk to an all time low

       No longer would he be happy and smile

       and he felt this way for a long, long while

On this day, five years now

he survived the pain, and doesn't know how

To this day you're still his first love

and you still soar his heart like a graceful dove

       On this day, five years now

       you still have the ability to make him say "WOW"

       You still brighten his darkest day

       and he still cares, in an indescribable way

                                     - Jerry/Joseph Huggins


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Cheesy, corny, old, and one of my first poems. No, she has never read it

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significance_of_2's picture

this piece is sweet and honest and wow i can relate:)...thank you for taking the time to read some of my stuff...1

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Rebecca Jordan's picture

wow this is a really good poem i loved it

itsmesowhatofit's picture

That is very cool! The same excact happened to me in 1994, funny thing, I tried to contact her in 2005 and was told to move on and I only wanted to be her friend, ironic huh?! However, your poem was well written and I hope you comment on mine as well!

Andi's picture

You commented on my Poems and i wanna thank you for taking the time to take a look at my poems. This poem is Great its An Okay one

But thanks for the Wonderfull Comments you left me for 3 of my poems i really apriciate it

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Every girl wants a guy like this. I don't know why, when they get one, they'd turn him away.