The Final Truth Unknown

-I Surrender-

Too far out of hand this grown

so this is the final truth unknown...

I'm her best frined some would say,

but she never seemed to act that way.

When she saw me, she wouldn't talk

Instead of saying 'Hey', she continued to walk.

There's something else I never understood.

She'd hug other guys, but to me she never would.

Why? Was it something I did or something I said?

These are the questions that filled my head.

I'm gentle, I'm nice, I'm kind to her

I'm caring and sweet all the time to her.

But it never worked the way I wanted

and with the words "Best Friend" I was haunted.

"Don't talk to her anymore", was Ashley's advice.

I know that doesn't work. I've tried it twice.

Amy suggested, "Perhaps she just needs time and space

and then when she looks into your face

no longer 'best friend' will she see

and straight to her heart, you'll hold the key".

I thought this plan was really clever,

but I can't give time and space forever.

Anna told me, "You don't need her, you deserve better.

She'll continue to hurt you if you let her/"

The more I think of it, the more Anna is right.

So, this battle must end and end tonight.

I have lost, this I admit.

I gave my best and gave all of it.

But mo matter how hard I tried

all my attempts have failed and died.

I hope one day I'll escape this hole

and I pray one day I'll reach my goal.

I believe we would have made a great team,

but the game is over....

                    AND I SURRENDER MY DREAM

                         - February 15-17/ 2001

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The last in the series of 3 (1st - A Little Truth and 2nd - More Truth). The girls in this poem are Ashley Leaver, Amy Blair, and Anna Steptoe.

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U mentioned that they were "CORNY"? I did NOT think so....not 1 bit! I really enjoy readin UR poemz.
Tho I have not read em all.....I still think that MY fav hasta be....."3 MINUS 1".
While I am now aware of UR reasoning behind "3 MINUS 1".....I wonder....."HOW MANY of UR OTHER poemz fit th SAME category"? (Understand wot I am sayin here)? Thus, makin it difficult 2 figure out whether or not their.....well, U kno. ~huge grin~
I also feel that they have th same....."base" 2 em? Like, most of em take th same "path"? Almost predictable if U will.
Nonethless.....they make 4 sum GR8 readin.
Keep up th GR8 work hon.
Bie Biez!