More Truth Unknown

-I'm Afraid-

Through my head, thoughts of us are born

and with each thought, my heart gets torn.

In my head is a maze that I travel about

and no matter what where I go, there's no way out.

I love you as a friend, and I love you as more,

but I'm afraid to walk through the door.

I'm too scared to take a chance

to find out if this is real romance.

I know I'm ready and enough mature,

but when the time comes I'm scared and insecure.

I can't stand the thought of rejection

So, I search for shelter and protection.

I'm afraid to make the next move

and show my love to prove

and I don't know the next move to make

because I fear my heart will break.

I'm afraid to take the next step

because of the position in which I'll be kept.

I'm afraid to be nothing more than just a friend

from now until forever and even past the end.

Being your friend, I do not mind,

but it is your love that I wish to find.

           - February 4/ 2001

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The 2nd in a series of 3. (1st - A Litte Truth and 3rd - The final Truth)

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Hi again.....VERY GOOD (if ya ask me). lol
Overly anxious 2 see part 3......ur conclusion.
Bie Biez!

Shana Alexander's picture

I like this poem. However you shouldn't be afraid to express true feelings. If you don't you'll always wonder about what could have been. And let me tell you could have been can drive you crazy. Great poem!!
Peace, Love, and Prosperity!!