A Little Truth Unknown

(Dedicated to Alexis Abbitt)

-The Begining-

As I walk to class

I take note of the sunshine and grass,

the bright sun and the blue sky

and there she was in the corner of my eye.

I can't help but to stare.

Beautiful smile and silky hair

infactuated by her looks

my jaw drops as well as my books.

I pick them up quickly without care.

I look again, she's gone, but where?

"Who was that angel?" I begin to wonder

and into deep daydreams I begin to plunder.

Dreaming of being her prince charming

She stormed my thoughts at a rate alarming.

I think of her from dusk of night to early sunshine

Who is that beautiful girl I think of 24/7

From the way she looked, she must be from Heaven.

I would approach her and have something to say,

but she probably wouldn't give me the time of day.

So, now I'm trapped in a world inside my head

of kissing her and serving her breakfast in bed.

A month did pass before bad news of my queen

I search and search, but she's nowhere to be seen.

Badly and badly for her I yearn

I pray at night for her safe return.

To ease my mind and set things right

I went with my friend one Friday night

to a place in which we call "The Spot"

where people are plenty and romance is hot.

My friend spoke much praise of a girl

whose beauty was heavenly and not of this world.

"There she is!", he shouted with tremendous glee.

I turned my head and who but should I see?

Unreal, no way, this must be a joke!

Could it be the girl from which I spoke?

Alexis, her name, I soon did learn

She desired my friend and set my heart to burn.

It pounded with anger from within the fire

and in it's pain, sang out like a chior.

"What's the matter?" my friend did ask

"Nothing", I replied and hid behind my happy mask.

The three of us were together almost nightly.

Every day it became easier to hide my jealousy tightly.

A thousand nights of time did pass

while my heart still burns everlast.

One Saturday night, at my other friend's house

they fucked on his bed and tried to keep as quiet as a mouse.

Through thier 'silence' I overheard grunts and moans.

The sound in my ear caused my heart to groan.

The grunts echoed and I wanted to cry.

The moans belloed and I wanted to die.

Weeks later my friend committed a wrongful act.

We sealed the secret with our friendship pact.

He told me to look to her and hide the wrong

Relunctantly, I lied to her all day long.

"Is he cheatin? Tell me the truth", she cried

I lowered my head, and then I lied.

Like everything, it's not meant to last

So, I forgive myself because it's the past.

My friendship with Alexis has since then grown

and there are still secrets of a little truth unknown.

          - January 15 - 18/ 2001

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is one of my first poems and it's the first of a series of 3 (2nd - More Truth and 3rd - The Final Truth).I know it's really corny, but I was just starting out so cut me some slack.

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Hey you.....
I cant wait 2 see th next part of this saga.
Bie Biez!

Rebecca's picture

Ok, you didn't even know this girl and you were wantin to give her breakfast in bed. You know me so when do I get breakfast in bed??