My Thousand Words

I've been told a time or two

that a picture is worth a thousand words.

A thousand words I never knew.

I now understand what was said.

I hold a picture of you in my hand

and a thousand words fill my head.

A simple picture, a frame of history

where you and I were different.

What went wrong is now a mystery.

You and I are no longer the same.

We are no more, completely torn apart.

Is it you or is it I that is to blame?

I stare at this picture and I wonder,

Who changed first between us?

When did our bond get torn assunder?

Why can we not re-unite again?

Why can't things go back

to the way they were back then?

I may be off, I may be wrong.

These may not be a thousand words,

but these are the words I feel so strong.

Whenever I gaze upon this photo

I wish I had the power to change things

to make things as they were long ago.

But reality sets in and I am aware

that this is just a memory of the past,

and the past you cannot repair.

      - December 15 / 2002

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Do you have any pictures lying around the house? Take another look at them.

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