Unspoken Words of Hell

I speak unto you, these unspoken words
silent words that aren't there
and through your blinded eyes
you can't see how much I care
Your blinded eyes cannot hear
the unspoken words fom my heart
words that are wholesome with life
but drenched in death and torn apart
Of course, you do not understand
what I'm trying to say now today
You have no remote earthly idea
as of what these words are meant to say
So don't say I'm wrong
in the actions I take
until you have made the journey
that I want you to make
A journey to the voice behind
the unspoken words that I speak;
a voyage that opens your blinded eyes
A journey to the truth you seek
You still don't know who I am;
not much more since we first met
You may know the thoughts in my head
but have you seen my soul yet?
To even reach my soul lost deep in me
you must venture past the unbreakable walls
through a raging storm of emotion
and to the end of long darkened halls
There you will find the alpha
of who and what I really and truly am
but that's just the begining
you still have to survive the battle against myself
that I can never seem to be winning
Then there's A Little Truth Unknown,
Broken Words, Unspoken Words of Heaven,
A Star None The Less, Of Water and Gas
and of course, the truth behind 457
Can you now see the riddle of me
You've just witnessed my desperate cries
to understand why I am the way I am
Open my soul with your eyes and ears
then search for your answers
by unlocking my truth and fears
How you are supposed to do this
is something left unknown
Remember, no one is forcing you
this is a battle you engage on your own
Failure is not only an option
but is highly likely in this war
The choice is yours to accept my invitation
In front of your blinded eyes is an open door.

                           - October 23/ 2002

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Welcome to my life. If you read this poem a few times over, pay attention to EVERY detail. I spent a lot of time explaining who I am to the best of my abilities.

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I just want you to know that I enjoyed all of you poems that I have read, and that is all of the best of the best! You are truly gifted and I will read everything that you have on this website and that is a promise!!