I am breaking down,

Thank God for the gift of tears.

Too much of everything

And too much of nothing.

You try and you try...

And you try and you try...

And you still try some more…

But it doesn’t seem to make any sense

And you end up tired.

And you ask yourself:


And then You think about Him.

He is your Reason for everything.

And then you think about them.

And then you cry…and cry…and cry.

And you still cry some more.

And then it’s quiet.

There is nothing you can do.

Because you have done everything

Yet, it doesn't make any sense…

It’s not working.

And nobody cares.

Even if they do,

It is your battle and not theirs.

And you let go.

And you find yourself still crying…

But you feel you will be okay.

Nobody knows how you feel,

And yet you know that you will be

Just alright.

You trust that this is just a phase,

A breathing moment.

Eureka, you’re human.


And you cry some more,

Because it will choke you

If you don’t.

You know what I am going through.

You understand my joys,

How much more my woes?

I know You are NEAR.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

~(c) jerlin 23Nov2007

Poem I wrote about being tired and in despair but still looking out for hope.

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