/+/ Lady Rae In The Bookstore

[after Wallace Stevens' poem, "The Candle A Saint"]


Starlit as evening, and elegantly clad,

she walks among the shelves of ancient poets.

She glides between them, and her stockinged feet

trace timeless constellations on the floor.

Her present and their pasts meet:  she is Muse,

beyond the world, beyond the need for shoes.

This is her gift to them:  she has not passed

them by; she has remembered all their names.

And she invokes them by their metaphors

and similes; the catalogues, the wars,

the journeys, and one quest less spoken of

these days---the pleasures of erotic love.

Thus summoned, their words resonate as when

they dwelt among the living as live men.

This is the Lady's quiet miracle---

to give their verses life, within her soul.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to postpoems' finest Poetess, Rae T

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Lauren Ellis's picture

I like Rae, she was one of the first people to comment on my work and she's always so encouraging and I love this peice dedicated to her, really beautiful.
Lauren -oxo-

yellowspecks's picture

There are not words...i am baffled and honored. This is so beautiful. There just arent words, you have, you are...well theres a miracle shes speachless....
Thank you for the dedication and the words of support today and for everyday, my internet poet friend you are so special. Rae

Ruth Lovejoy's picture

very nice ode to Rae I know her too...