Now That You're Gone


People around say you're gone

  But when I think about it

No matter what they say

  A friend like you

I'll always have

  I cherish the memories

The thoughts that we've shared

  I feel your presence

Wherever I go

  I know you're still with me

Even if you don't show to the others

  I still picture you, next to me

Wherever I go

  People keep saying I'm acting foolish

I don't care what they think

  As long as I have you

You messed up my life

  Don't you see

Can't help but think

  What I'm going to do without you

It's all your fault

  I told you not to go

Why didn't you listen

  You never do

But that's what makes you who you are

  Don't you see

I need to hear your silly laugh

  To see your bright green eyes

To have you as my best friend

  Don't mean just the past

I know that won't last

But since that's all I have left

  I'll cherish every moment

And try to last through

  The guilt that I feel

I could've stopped you

  I should've known

I've been so senseless lately

  I can't help blaming myself

I know that's not what you'd want

  But right now is when I'd need you the most

Why aren't you here

  I feel so empty

My mind went blank

  I miss your soothing voice

I feel trapped

  Without you it's difficult to find my way out

I have questions

  But no answers

Sometimes I can be happy

  Other times I can't help feeling sad

I'm not myself anymore

  But now that I think about it

I probably never will be again


Author's Notes/Comments: 

One of my very first poems of the 90's... written for a teenager who died in a car accident at my school... in a friends perspective.

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