Anger Management



  To myself


    For an answer

     I linger

      A little longer

       Knowing it will come

        Like unwanted cancer

         Wanting to prevent it

          From coming my way

           Allowing my heart to go numb

            I try to avoid you today

             Yet I can still feel the pull

              Somehow you get to me still

               Heartbreaking, I don't succomb

                Take it away with you

                 I can't stand anymore

                  Pretty soon I'll no longer feel

                   Why do you keep bringing me faith

                    Then turn and run on me, pretty soon

                     I'll begin to ignore

                      All your attempts to reach me

                     Lost in the breeze                      

                    As you make my heart sore

                   Leaving it in ruins

                  Crumbled on the ground

                 As peasants feed on it

               No notice from you

             I should say not

            As you're looking down

           Unable to accept what you've done

          Next time clean up your own mess

         My silence is soon sound

        Since you probably forgot

       I need to remind you again

      How you cause me distress

     Yet you try very hard

    Almost more than I can bear

   To get your way this fight you must win

  Not today, I can't take anymore

Now begins anew I scream louder than my silence

Think not, act and it is I you shall now hear




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Speaking to ones self can be quite rewarding sometimes.  Especially when we need to realize we are doing the right thing...

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