One mans treasure


Oh no!

Justice has not been done

Damn, if only they had seen

You definately would have won

Award you a medal

We shall

For having the ugliest shirt

Of them all

Even shades

Would not have helped

If the damn dogs could've

They'd have yelped

Thank god there was only one

For anything more

I would have to say

What in the hell are you wearing that for?

Who would bother

To throw such a thing away

Put it to good use

Burn it today

I'm sorry if this hurts

I know you love it so

But that damn shirt

Just has to go-

Put it out of its misery

Don't bother to save

Not one piece

Put it to rest in its grave!


Author's Notes/Comments: 

All about an ugly shirt!

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John Chapman's picture

In the fire pit it now sits. . . Chard remains and burning pains it no longer fits. . . Burnt to a cinder, gray like soot my shirt I now surrender. . . Not a large price to pay, if it brought you a smile on this day. . .

I loved it. . .