Blind as a Bat

Anger Management


My next move

Should I? Could I?

Possibly do...

What my thoughts tell me

Could be next

Should I? Could I?

Make this mess...

I can't say

Try not to think

As thoughts sway

Or maybe I blinked

Then it vanished

Clear as day

Cause I don't remember

What I was going to say

Who are you?

I have not a clue

Leave my mind

Before it leaves you

Keep your distance

Close your eyes

Your existance

Solely based on lies

Walk away now

Don't look back

I may have been blind

But I'm sure you're the bat


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John Chapman's picture

We've all had our turn at being blind and all to often there's bats standing ready to steal our life blood. . . At times I feel helpless when I read your poetry, as if I was the one who wrote it. . .