Inner Beast

Anger Management

You are testing me

Ever so swiftly

Thinking that maybe

You'll keep me

Please spare me

This test, I'm not taking

Can't just wait around

As you keep playing

I love you, you say

Why bother, anyway..

Doesn't seem like you need me

What I see depleting

Taking me for granted

Not noticing the havoc

You've caused

Unleashing the inner beast

Within me

I feel like I'm on pause


So depressing it seems

That's all you've left me with

I will not become this thing

Can't let you manipulate me

This way

As you stray

I'm not turning around

Not looking..

You won't be found

By me

Lest you snap back

To reality

I feel it is you

Who will have lost something

That maybe you won't realize

You had fully

Until it is too late

To get it back


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