Rollin with it


I'm done with the lies

No longer looking

Into your eyes

Everything you took

Without asking

Stealing, yes that's it

Our friendship is falling like dusk

You don't realize it one bit

Through with your

Coniving, Concocting, Conspiring

Ripped out my core

Seems I'm firing



As my friend

Fibs became stale

Truth is real

I can see it

Your mind is your jail

Only you can fit

I've made my decision

I'm rollin with it

I'm sick of your bitchin

This is the last hit

But this time it's mine

Not yours for the giving

Eat your words

The taste is not for the living

You can't hurt me


Don't care where you'll be

When I take the last score

This is it

You're out the door

I've made my decision

I'm rolling with it


Author's Notes/Comments: 

A good day : )

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