Anger Management

Where has cupid


Has he left me sitting here

All alone?

Brought me a few

Captured my heart

Then released it

For a game of darts

He's boozing again

I swear it's true

How else do you explain

Why I'm tossed all askew?

Cast to the ground

Stepped on


As he's high off his knocker

Standing in the corner

Pointing and laughing

I must be a gonner

Lest I bring him back

To reality

I wonder does he even

Want to help me

Passed out now it seems

I'm getting nowhere with him

Stuff him in my trunk

And take him for a spin


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Melvin Lee II's picture

U really ought to read my poem Stupid Slob in my first hall, jen.
I was scolding that chap too. hahahhaa...
nice witty one, this is. ~

John Chapman's picture

Intresting for sure! But I must say I often feel the same about that little buggar with his wings and mighty bow..... I think your past that