A single flicker

Of hope

Fluttering it's way in

My soul

Allowing it's entry

I realize

Just maybe

This time my heart won't cry

How has this man

Entered as of late

Without a key

Without a gate

Wasn't part of my plan

Had given up

Now what do I do

To prevent fucking it up

Almost an omen it seems

Always picking the ones

That don't

Have dreams

But he does

He's real

Right here in front of me

Can you see my heart peel?

Like petals

From a rose

Cascading gently to the ground

Tell me what this is that I have found

I can feel it

See it

Touch it

Smell it

I know this feeling

I've been here before

Doesn't happen very often

Love is once again knocking at my door

I couldn't ask for anything more


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