My dear boyfriend


If it weren’t for you

  When I awoke

The song of the birds

  Would be a joke

I had taken for granted

  That is til now

  Things that come my way

So easy somehow

  This poem is to you

For all that you’ve done

  You remind me so much

Of the bright yellow sun

  Its warmth touches my skin

As your warmth touches my heart

  Without the sun

There would be no day

  As without you

There would be no way

  If I had to live

Without your touch

  I know I’d be lost

But I’ll never let go of my clutch

  Sometimes I may seem down

But you’re somehow always there

  To turn up my frown

I know you really care

  I would give my life

In turn for yours to be saved

  And I’ll always be here

No excuses to be made

  So I leave you with this

My dear boyfriend

  And I’ll always be yours

Until the end


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Such innocence.. written when I was 16

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