The Willow Tree


In my backyard

  I find myself

Sitting under the Willow tree

  Wondering one day

What I might be

  Where I might go

Who I might see

  I close my eyes

Count to three

  Take me where

I want to be...

As movie star I'll go far

I'll play the lead

And win the Oscar!

I'll skate the ice and win the gold

As an ice skater

I'll never get cold

I want to see the stars

I'll be an astronaut

The first on mars

I'll keep the puck from the goal

As a hockey player

Everyone will know

I'll be a singer in a band

Become famous

Travel all over the land

I'll paint the stars up in the sky

On a canvas

An artist am I

I'll strengthen the children of our nation

As a teacher

Making sure kids get their education

Design houses and buildings for everyone

I'm an architect

Now that would be fun

Fighting crime in cities and towns

A police officer I will be

The best one around

Making decisions to better our country

A president I'll be

Everyone will love me!

Revised 07-10-07

Jennifer Yates

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Right now this is a poem.. soon I may revise it and it will be a children's book...

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Melvin Lee's picture

Being a lover of children poetry...this one definitely struck me hard and well... Superb portrayal of a whimsical and idealistic achingly familiar to a child, i am sure.. and i can almost see this little boy / girl sitting by this tree...looking up...and wondering about the future...Smilesz...such are the stuff of dreams and aspirations then, isnt it ? :@) Terrific show , Jen.....a wonderful Tree this is Smilesz....thanxss!~!