It’s been forever since I felt your love on my tongue

  You have long since failed to show me you care

Tell me it’s not true, say I’m wrong

  This time I’m through with all the lies that we’ve shared

For once in your life take a stand

  Don’t tell me once again how or why you can’t

I’ve been waiting for you to tell me to take your hand

  That I can trust you forever, that you’ll be my man

But no, I see you’re running away

  As fast as you can, without looking back

You’ve left me again

  For this you have a knack

Then to tell me, no really there’s more

  To give me the hope

I’ve been looking for

  How dare you think I could even cope

You are not worth fighting for

  If that’s what you think to be the case

Get off your high horse honey

  This isn’t a chase

So go back to your game

  Find yourself another player

This one is going to resign

  You’ve just lost, we’re out of time


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