My Protector


My Protector

  An ode to thee

Thank you for your wisdom

  Your strength your courage

Tell me once again

  Why it is you had to nourish

Things that need not be

  Without my consent

Why me

  Shall I repent

My flesh and blood

  Betray me again

For I no longer can feel the pain

  Tear off my skin

Eat my soul raw

  Suspend my memory

So my dreams speak the truth

  Apologize for my inner child’s’ soul

The one that was never

  Able to flourish and grow

Thank you I say

  You have given me nay

I will always live only

  For myself now, truly

I do believe

  There is nothing left

For anyone else to take

  Without my consent

My protector you see

  Thank you I say again

For the piece that you’ve robbed

  Cannot be replaced

Is sought out by many

  Without a trace

No explanation

  Do I give

Shall I go on?

  You don’t know love…

Could’ve left me for dead

  Shall I thank you again?

I pray mercy on your soul

  That god will forgive you

I will always live

  With the pain and hurt

You’ve left me with

  My dreams live to tell

Every minute detail

  My soul has kicked out

So live with your guilt

  Thank you for changing my life

Ever so drastically

  Share no more, please

I care not to participate

  Am no longer a child

I’m afraid

  So thank you

My protector

  You’ve taught me

To feel nothing

  To trust no one

Where love comes from


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Alan lindsey's picture

excellent diction but the form could use a more interesting/ unique twist to it

jenfool's picture

I'm sorry I never saw this

I'm sorry I never saw this comment.  I was writing from experience of incest so I could not make a unique twist I apologize.