I don't know what to say

For the first time I am stumped

You are so very sweet

Don't deserve to be dumped

Yet I know of my ways

Could never hurt you

So let's keep this friendship

So I don't desert you

So honest and true in your feelings

How can you think

Such sweet things of me?

Once you blink

You might really see me

I never stay long

Don't like to linger

In case something goes wrong

Or maybe goes right

Then what would I do?

If only you could see

You don't have a clue

I am capeable of so much

I could love you so deeply

Then disappear

So easily

One moment

You have me

The next

You're free

Wondering where

I may have run to

Or how

I can do without you

I always leave

Before they leave me

So let's just keep this friendship

For eternity

As I'm still

Stumped over your feelings

Worried if you love me

You may need some healing


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