Part Time Love


I know at this moment

I want you near me so badly

To hold me, to love me

Just stay with me, don't leave me

You don't hear me

Can't be near me

Pass through my shadows

So near to me

Let me in for a moment

Then run quickly

Right through me

Like you never knew me

Can't you feel me?

Don't you see me?

When I wake up

You're never near me

If I were to promise you

Everything my soul possessed

Would you risk everything?

To give us a chance

We've never become one

Never have we both been able

Whenever I wanted to try

You weren't willing to give in

Whenever you were willing

I was always too scared to stay

So please don't go running away

I'm here now

Wanting to show you

To get to know you

You don't trust me

Many broken promises

I do see

So pass through me

Walk by me

Deny me

Your love

Use me

Leave me

Confused you are

Of what it is you want

I need it all

The big picture

Can no longer continue

This emptiness

You leave me with

When you go

So quickly it seems

Wrapped in guilt

I won't be a part of


So ride on by

My part time love

And never ask me

Why it is

I can't respond

When you're in need

From time to time

I have nothing more to give

To someone who can't respond

With a little tenderness and love

So I was wrong

I needed more

Can't take something

From nothing



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