This Morning


This morning I woke up

My first thought was your smile

I got out of bed

Sat for a while

Stripped, took a shower

All the time thinking

How wonderful you are

Just waiting....

If I gave you

What you're searching for

Would you still be


Looking in the mirror

Putting my robe on

Thinking maybe you're here

But you're not

Wondering how I would feel

If I had

Instead I turned away

Went back to bed

Looking for something more

Meaningful than not

Hoping that's what you want too

Instead of something hot

I need your smile

Caring eyes so full

Warm hands and body

Holding me still

This morning


Author's Notes/Comments: 

When you know you've made the right choice..

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Melvin Lee's picture

Hey, this is very true.... once a person knows of her life in a right direction, every morning seems so beautiful and fine... Smilesz.. thanxs for this reminder~!!

eltrue's picture

a touching poem...i can very much so relate to it