Summer of 82


If I were to paint a picture of the summer of ’82
  I would hide it away in the deepest dark corner of my basement
It would be stained with tears, telling five years of pain
Stored away for no one to see broken and bent
My childhood sorrow screaming beneath the canvas
  Wanting to be set free of the memories painted so permanently
With a forgiving soul
  I could take the painting broken and bent
Stepping out into the pouring rain
  Letting the water wash away the tears
I can paint a new picture
  One that will last for the rest of my years


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Memories of a sexually abused child.

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mellow's picture

this was a beautifully written very sad poem

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Dear Jennifer, So sad! This poem is so touching. Makes me want to cry for all of the injustices done to the children of this world. God Bless! LUV teresa

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wow....I stumbled upon this because I was born in 82`...expected some nice memories of that year....but no :( I wondered if I should write a critique or not, because i was afraid to write something wrong, but I simply wanted to let you know that you created a little living piece of pain that tells your sad story in a beautiful way, it makes the reader dive into your world.....beautiful....*shakes his had* btw have a merry xmas :)

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Jennifer, The summer of 82' is only a small part of you. You are much larger now. Thank you for such honest sharing. Very well done. Geneva