On a Jamaican Beach in the pouring rain


On a Jamaican beach in the pouring rain
  I lie beneath you in the cool sand
Your face brushes mine as you ease in
  Water rushes past us as the sky dims
Your body pressing tightly against mine
  The moons glow shading our naked bodies
Sensation rises as I take you through time
Shady palm trees blowing through the wind
  As I take you in my arms again
And when you near your destination
  I will embrace you as you begin till the end
As we roll right past the pier
  I keep begging you for more
No one else is near
  So what are we waiting for?
I run my hands throughout your body
  You pull me close so hard
Pressed together, waves crashing around us
  You enter never to part


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written for my prom date

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What a fortunate prom date

What a fortunate prom date that person was, to have helped inspired such a beautiful love poem.


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