Song Lyrics

Memories of the days

  When life was so unreal

You could run through green pastures

  With pickers poking at your heels

When you were too young to know

  What was right and what was wrong

When you would tell your mommy

  What you had done all day long

Days were fulfilled one by one

  There was nothing to worry about

You were having too much fun

  A child with dreams beyond the sky

Dreams that she thought and hoped, would never die

  Time stood still

When she roamed the earth

  Everyone would stop and stare

They’d been watching her since birth

  A child so precious and fresh

No one could imagine how much she was loved


Memories, some good others not too bad

  A gift from god

One that no one could have

  An angel so special

She was sent from above

  To let us know that we were loved.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Children are our most prized gifts.  Let's remember what they give to us without asking anything in return.

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hawksquaw99's picture

you are so right.... we have to do what ever we can to help out the children.... they are our future leaders.... I really like the way this one was written.... you have a special gift.... and I am blessed to read your work... Renee'