Puzzle Pieces

I scream these words

I scream your name

Am I the only one around?

Would the sky lend me an ear?

Would the clouds

Hold out their arms

And catch me as I fall?

I need your finger on my lips

To calm me down

I'm out of place

Searching for your face

The missing piece to my puzzle

Or are we just two pieces

That don't fit in the big picture?

Your hand fits perfectly in mines

You fill the hole

The one that you see

When u look into my eyes

Take the chipped pieces of our hearts

And put them together

Do they make a whole?

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April C's picture

wow this is really good...i feel this way all the time lol like your looking for the right person...and life seems to be like a puzzle too,always searching for the missing peices or the perfect life which no one seems to have...but i dont know hopefully that doesnt sound confusing to you lol...but this is a very good poem! keep writing! -april- :)