Resurgence of War

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I stand up and turn,

To face my past.

I stand in ONE battlefield,

But two more lay behind me.

And as I look back,

I recognise their faces.

For I am the one who truly

Severed the bonds and left them lying in the ashes.

I turn to the next battlefield,

Still fresh in my mind.

And here I was, thinking,

I'd left them safely behind.

Yet one seemed to follow,

From battlefields second to third,

Yet being who I was,

I kept trying to shoot her down.

Still fresh are these faces,

The wounds barely opened.

Lance, Morgana, Lana,

Jackie, Derek, Kira and Becca.

Tension among them,

I played to it's fullest,

Yet peace's flag

I tried to throw in.

It got caught in a crossfire

With one wrong word on my part.

And now I'm just wishing with all of my heart

That I hadn't been born at all.

Because if I hadn't been born,

I wouldn't have watched you all fall,

Because I am the one,

Who wreaked the destruction upon you all.

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