I'll Wait To Cry

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I’ll wait to cry these crystal tears,

For they should not be seen.

I’ll hold the droplets of my fears,

I want no friend’s pity, however keen.

These silver traces on my cheek

Must mend my broken heart.

The water traces can’t leave my eyes,

Until I’m in a place apart.

I’ll contain these glistening droplets

Till there’s a wall around my soul.

I’ll keep these tears walled tightly

I’ll share them not before my death.

Little streams must be stopped nightly

Until I have no breath to give.

These tears of mine I shall not shed,

I have yet much work to do.

I’ll wait to unburden these tears,

Until I am alone in the world.

I cannot shed these little burdens

For there is yet, for much to live.

I will wait a little longer with dewdrops,

For in my death there can be no shame.

Yes, oh yes, I’ll wait to cry.

Until the day dawns on my face no more.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written on one of those days I felt horrid, yet was forced to smile in a mask until I was alone, and could express myself freely and without feeling shame.

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