Older Poems

I always felt

I had to be better

Brighter by far

Than all the rest.

For my name

simply means

The moon who outshines

The stars.

I had to stand out,

Be the biggest in the sky.

And I wonder now, why?

For my namesake

But of course,

Why else would I do it?

I’m naturally shy,

No question to it.

‘Of the Woods’

says my last name,

And I think it more fitting.

Hiding inside

Watching from the shadows;

Now that sounds

More like me.

I wish to be

The belle of the ball

But truly I don’t

Want to be noticed at all.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Basically, it was written to describe the meanings of my name, and how I felt about them. Just something I decided to do one day... it's interesting in any case.

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