Gift of Nature

Older Poems

A glassy lake reflects the sky.

A gurgling river sings a sweet lullaby.

The waterfall’s roar outdoes the thunder.

The oceans blue hide pirate’s plunder.

The rain falls steadily, making a blur.

The pond ripples creating small swirls

The aspin leaves sound like a storm

The pine needles scatter round the floor.

The maple leaves like footprints are

And yet other leaves look like stars.

In autumn dress of bright gold and red,

The leaves swirl to the ground, lightly tread.

The clouds form in the sky, giving shapes new birth.

The azure blue sky surrounds the earth.

The heavens are littered with star and moon.

The birds hum, beginning a new swoon.

Nature is beautiful, so we clearly see.

So let us view it, as god made it to be.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It was written when I was traveling with my family though some beautiful scenery, and it just came out.

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