Hope in the Darkness

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I don’t understand why

You do what you do.

It’s not like I ever asked.

But by and by,

Through and through

You’ve stayed by my side.

I got pissed off,

I got arrogant and mad.,

Heck, I even tried sad.

Nothing could shake you,

For Nothing forsake,

No matter how hard I might try to make

You leave me alone.

In my heart, you’ve made a home.*

I cried on your shoulder,

I ranted and raved.

Yet all through the day,

My way you did pave.

You listened to sorrows,

You stood up to rants.

You stayed by my side,

Showed me an answer,

I’d never thought of before.

And now my life,

It means so much more.

There’s hope in the darkness,

The Truth to each Lie.

And now I do care

To live or die.

You threw away the glasses

With which I saw life.

They were too dim, too foggy,

Too full of strife.

You gave me the contact,

Through which to see the world.

The love which you showed me,

Cannot be refurled.

So with hope in the darkness,

And real truth in the light,

I think I can made it,

Through my darkest nights.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written in thanks to the friends who helped me during my darkest times... they're the reason I'm still here to show this to you.

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