Bloody Tears

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And there’s a little trickle of

blood coming down my cheek

Taking the place of those

tears that I would weep.

I don’t wanna live

Not here not now.

Bloody tears coursing down my cheek

For all the world they’re what I weep.

All the havoc that this world does Wreak

What ever happened to protecting the weak?

Can’t change the past,

Can’t change your mind.

What all do I have to leave behind?

Wanna save your soul,

Wanna save the world.

Can’t do a thing till my spirits’ unfurled.

Skinny tracks left down my arm,

You promised me you’d not do

Anything more to harm…

It’s a lie, it always was.

You do it ‘Just Because’

Can’t make you stop,

Every time my heart drops

And bloody tears course my cheeks.

Weeping, waiting, anticipating

All the things you put me through.

Can’t do a thing,

Can’t change your mind…

When are you gonna leave me behind?

You’ll do it again,

Like you done before.

And I just can’t stand it anymore.

You hurt yourself,

It’s like you’re hurting me.

Your emotional turmoil

Can’t set me free.

I’d die for you, can’t ya see?

How long will I have to call my plea?

It’s killing me, just killing me…

Physical pain ain’t got no pull,

But the emotional crap is taking its toll.

Wheels are turning, my minds a whirlin’

And still I can’t see anthing but red.

Love and Hate, pain and joy

Can’t take it no more…

Bloody tears course down my cheeks…

Whatever happened to protecting the weak?

Throats choked up and I can’t speak…

All the havoc your pain wreaks…

I just can’t help but start to weep…

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written for a friend of mine who wouldn't listen to common sense when I tried to slap them in the face with it because I was worried. My frustrations came out in a poem.

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