The Last Drop

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A rose lies on the mantelpiece

And ne’er a rose has smelled so sweet

As did this rose removed from peat.

Sitting upon the cold grey stone

A crystal vase of pristine water

The long green stem extended to it’s depths.

A ray of sunshine alights

On the reddest silk of petals

A single spot white as a dove

Waiting to complete the picture

Waiting for the touch of blood

Hard won, hard paid, and unsung.

His hand touches an elongated thorn,

A single drop wells to the surface.

The patch of white is touched,

And turned to red.

His hand bled the last drop,

The rose was complete.

With my blood the rose turned red,

Looking down on thorn-pricked fingers

The final drop was his.

Ne’er a rose has smelled so sweet,

As when it is marked with toil.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was written in school to response for a few stories I've ever heard or read... one of them is the Blessing of Thorns, which is a thanksgiving story. It's deeply symbolic, and if you read that story, you'll understand why. But it is not vital to read that to gain one's own meaning, and I can always hope it will have multiple meanings to multiple people, because something can affect everyone in a different way.

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Afzal Shauq's picture

like your poetry as a whole and specially this one which is perfectly done in poetic theme and sweet and impressive one...hope you like my poetry if go through..sure my poems will touch your heart too

Afzal Shauq's picture

wow .... its a good and attractive poem... agree with your theme and the rich way done... hope you go through my poems too... I am basically poet with 6 books in hand and member of this site too.... your comments are welcomed.. hope you keep writing always in the same fantastic way....