What is a Bostonian?

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Let me tell you what is to live in Boston. It's having faith in the shit people want to forget about, believing in the things people say can never happen. Boston is the place where dreams are made; it's not the place where they come true, but the place where people work their Asses off to make them happen. Being a Bostonian is a privilege not a right. To all those who say the Sox cannot win a series, you are the same voices that told me the Pats could never win a bowl, you are the people who stopped watch the Celtics, when the big three retired, because they would supposedly never make it to fight for the eastern conference title again. Let me tell you who all you other people are, you are the people who like the Lakers and Yankees cause they win more than they loose. Because they?re the favorites. Well I am a fucking Bostonian and if that puts me with the under dogs, bring it on! Fuck the favorites; everyone's favorite win is an upset?

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Sue Mceachern's picture

you are great . keep the excellent work up. im a masshole to. fuck the yankees. u go .

Ruth Lovejoy's picture

You go guy Im with you! I live in Marlboro so not far from Boston! Let's Go Mass!!!!!

yellowspecks's picture

Great piece i realy like this one. It reminds me of what happend when i went to Virgina last month. Everyone called me a yankee, or worse a damn yankee, if you dont know the difference i'll let on. A yankee is a bostonian who visits and leaves, a damn yankee is a bostonion that stays. Thanks for sharing this one, it is intelligently written.