Hidden away

Look deep into my eyes
And see how I feel
Give me a reason not to be afraid
Give me a reason not to run
Take my fears and put them to rest
Take my heart and keep it safe
Away from the dark and towards the light

Save this man from his past
And lets fade into a dream
A one with you and me
In love and free
Free to be alone
Free to be alive in each others eyes

But here I stay hidden away
giving up on love in fear of pain
And letting you be whoever you may be
But here in the dark I stay
always by your side through darkness and light
waiting for you to see me
waiting for love to save

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Thank you

Thanks for your nice comment and glad you enjoyed the poem, have to admit poems are the one thing i find quite hard to write
hope you are well

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Loved it. I can relate. I do

Loved it. I can relate. I do feel that way sometimes too.