At Moscow, Sipping A Molotov Cocktail, 2

These comrades had no real monopoly
of facts to guide a vast economy,

or to confect a new morality,

or steam the Locomotive---History.

Theirs was, only, a tragegy of error:

a party dedicated to reign terror

on others, as the vanguards of mass slaughters
of individual innocents (the daughters
of Nicholas, the last Czar, for example).
Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, and Molotov
(to name just four) bestrode Russia to trample
her people, forcing their necks to the trough
of Marcist offal.  Raised on such distortion,

the Soviet Union was a rank abortion.

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Nice. I dont contemplate

Nice. I dont contemplate russia much. Thought it wad a poem about the US at first

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I appreciate the comment.  My interest in Russia, in my youth, was frowned upon (during the cold war) and was largely inspired by Pasternak's novel, Dr Zhivago.  It was revived at the beginning of my ongoing transition into the Orthodox Church of America, a daughter church of the Russian Orthodox Church.  The murder of the Czar's children is a crime for which no Communist Party has been held accountable.