I feel alone 

In a sea 

Poeple swimming all around,

But I am drowning.

I live within my mind

Far vast 

Though many would never know

My body is present

& my mind a thousand miles away

I feel the waves crash

Over and over inside

Inside my head 

Where im screaming

Let me out!!!

Save me

Hold me love me

God im needy

Needing love 

Human touch but not on my body

But on my soul

Help me live

Bring breath back into my lungs

Mortal flesh that has no life.

Walking ghost 

Yet not a ghost, 

Slowley pulling the trigger. 

Waiting to die within my own self.

Does anyone even see me?


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Do I see you?

It's more like I am you. This perfectly describes how I've been feeling the past couple of days. 

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