Inscription On A Section Of An Ancient Wall

The temples' statues are lifeless and cold, and few
understand among the many who come in a swarm
to that falsely reputed gathering place.


But the Gospel is vital and warm---
the sole and holy source of the amplest Grace:
defiant to the world's chaotic pace,
it redeems whosoever in any time and space;
from broken fragments, a fellowship whole and new.




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Though I cannot see, I will

Though I cannot see, I will not believe for the forces of darkness empower me... To trust, to tame --- the soul I have, his grace not ample to make my dad... Plenty of kerosene supple and amber, to fuel the fire of chanting and bantor.. The places of highest defiance and lucid, placate the silence and fill with desire... Palance of envy, temple of old... Chaste and defiant to chastise the old, felony matters in eyes that gather --- to listen to silence, silence and laughter..



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Thank you for the reply. 

Thank you for the reply.  Admittedly, your response is a bit beyond my knowledge to interpret, but I am grateful, all the same, that you took the trouble to reply.