I apologized a million times
Though you had never ever been nice
Suddenly I now realized
Those mistakes were not all mine


If you were not only a fool
If you opened your eyes and knew
I wish you realized you too have faults in this
But even now, you're still unapologetic


Was it my fault if you taught yourself to be bitter?
Why did you always make me feel weird each time I'm near?
Is it my fault if until now you're still dreaming?
Is it my fault if everything I write here are real?


You still think you're hot
News flash, you are not
I don't believe you're just bitter
'Cause now I see you're a mean girl


Someday, if ever we meet
I'll invite you for a sit
Make you read the odes I made
Let you watch the scenes replay


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is realizing a mistake you've been telling everyone as all your fault, was actually not all yours but the other person had also terrible part in it. Also, even you've apologized to that person, she remained "UNAPOLOGETIC". This was the last poem I wrote for Lovespeak.

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She was in denial than.
A refusal to back down, and admit that she was wrong as well...
It can be hard to see when that person is also in the wrong, because they are not ready to go back and forgive.
Then again she could just be a bitch.
I do hope you find relief from all this friend.
Knowing that you said "I'm Sorry" and with meaning then your part is done.
It's all up to that person now to move on, or see truly from where you are coming from..
In the end..
There's over a billion stars in the sky! <333

"We are, Each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another." -Luciano De Crescenzo

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Thank you. I know that she

Thank you. I know that she was just being illogical and irrelevant but I still apologized hoping it will solve the problem but unfortunately, she made it worse