Saddest Fear


Her heart pounded loud again
As she read the message sent
She didn't know what to do
Why was joy gone so soon?


I watched her smile fade away
Like the night toppled the day
I looked at her and asked what's wrong
The answer went out too long


It had been a perfect day
But it ended not well
We had much fun all the way
Yet it led us to hell


Seeing her falling down
Made my head turn around
Seeing her sleeping now
Made me at ease and sound


She never wanted me to see
Behind her eyes were tears
She only wanted to be fierce
Though all of us have fears


I hadn't cried for two years
Because I only fear one thing
This sad fear is losing her
She's the only prize I want to win


I wouldn't cry if my heart breaks
Wouldn't shed tears though it aches
But all of us have Achilles heels
Only her could make me kneel

Author's Notes/Comments: 

We all have our "SADDEST FEAR" that could make us cry those absent tears. This poem would tell what mine is.

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Breathtaking... Honestly!

Breathtaking... Honestly!

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Thank you!

Thank you! I'm speechless!