My Unborn Grandchild

Just "Stuff"

I searched and searched my heart today

to find the words to say

Knowing my words get jumbled....

I finally found a way.

I'de like to tell you what I think

and tell you how I feel

I'm not the best with words, you know

but from my heart it's real.

The moment that I saw your face

and touched your tiny hand

I knew I needed you in my life

and hope you understand.

You bring to me a breath of life

That I have never had

And looking at your angel face

it makes my heart feel glad.

There's so much I want to teach you

and we will have the time

I want the road you take in life

to not resemble mine.

I have the tools to teach you, child

For when I was your fathers age

I took a path that got me lost

and I was full of rage.

My life is not the same today

I've grown up humble and free

And having you in my life right now

Means all the world to me.

And looking at that angel face

and touching your dimpled cheek....

I can't wait to give you all I have

My life is now complete.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For my grandchild...presenting himself to the world in September, 2004.

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blackinkusa's picture

This is a great coming out is the grandchild here yet???

Shashi Krishna's picture

Nicely written and well structured. Good work.