Our destiny falls and scatters

Beneath the feet of fortitude

Fading with the light of day's absolution

Gray clouds shall rest in the corners

Of overwhelmed hearts

Beating with desire.

For tonight

The moon sheds crystal tears

The story flourished

With the scattering of stardust

Fragile as veins pulsating with dreams

She rises

Toward magnificent midnight beams

Slicing through the silence of the night

Stretching desperately

As far as each breath will take

Vanishing soul shimmers

Ache for the warmth of moon shine

She gazes lovingly

Upon the one who sleeps ...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

.. a quiet sadness filled my heart ... and i was able to write all that

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Starward's picture

This is a beautiful poem. I was a bit thrown off by the changes in pronouns that refer to the moon---in one stanza, "she"; in another, "it." (I think the feminine pronoun is more appropriate, personally.) But other than that minor issue, the poem itself is very impressive.